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Dr. Haney was essential for all aspects of the development of this company, including obtaining the legal assistance, negotiating a license agreement, and securing an initial commitment of $18 Million from Domain Associates, a top biotech venture capital firm.  Dr. Haney was critically important in recruiting a CEO for the company and serving as Chairman of its original Board.  To date, the company has raised over $44 Million, performed two phase I clinical trials, begun a phase Ib/2a trial, and secured considerable additional financial support from the NIH and military.  Dr. Haney was critically important to the successful development of this company, bringing years of experience in company development, fundraising, and team building skills to the effort.

Dr. Jack Edwards, Chief of Infectious Diseases, Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute
Co-founder, NovaDigm Therapeutics


Fred was a founder of Novadigm Therapeutics, a company that I funded at Domain Associates. He was an integral part of the team, and his leadership resulted in the financing of Novadigm, now a growing vaccine company.

Todd Brady, CEO Aldexa Therapeutics
Former Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Domain Associates

In 1995, Fred Haney joined the Board of Directors of Rainbow Technologies, a public Company.  Rainbow provided computer security products and services for enterprise and government customers.  Fred was the lead outside director working with management in developing our strategic plan and participated in acquisition analysis.The management team had great respect for Fred’s business acumen.  He was the lead director in the merger negotiations with SafeNet,  Inc. in 2004.

Walter Straub
CEO Rainbow Technologies, 1987-2004
CEO SafeNet, Inc.,  2006-2007

Fred Haney was instrumental in advising us on how to navigate the complicated startup environment in today’s high tech world. When the tech bubble popped in 2001, Fred was there to help me deal with the confusion. Through his many contacts, we were able to find a CEO who could help us raise money. We raised over $12 million dollars and were finally acquired by our largest customer. I can personally recommend Fred in any capacity in any high tech company but in peculiar Fred Haney is a treasure trove of credible contacts, information and advice.

Steve Casselman, Founder DRC Computer, Inc.

Fred approached me in 2003 with the very creative idea of re-capitalizing and restarting a failed reconfigurable computing company, RCC.  He knew that the new company would need an experienced CEO in order to raise venture capital.  This assignment was a perfect fit for me because I had served as chief operating officer of Tandem Computers in Silicon Valley for 10 years, and I was ready for a new challenge.  Fred did a great job of assembling the resources and legal help we needed to create DRC, restructure the debt of RCC, and transfer the technical assets of RCC into DRC.  We raised $12 million in venture capital and Fred served effectively as chairman until the company was purchased by Security First in 2009.  In 2011, the DRC co-processor was judged as the most powerful genomics sequencing processor in the world.

Larry Laurich, CEO of DRC, Inc.


Fred Haney played a key role in getting LiveSafe launched.  In the early stages of our company, he helped shape our financial projections, and he made valuable suggestions about our company valuation.  He helped us select a law firm, and he provided useful advice on three strategic partnerships we were negotiating.  He was always creative, thoughtful, and easy to work with.  Thanks to Fred’s contributions to our investor presentation and investment documents, we were able to raise $750,000  in angel financing.  Having Fred’s credibility as an advisor really gave us an upper-hand to attracting investors & partners.  We recently raised $6.5 Million in a very attractive venture capital financing, and we are excited about our future.

Shy Pahlevani, Founder, LiveSafe

Since 2010, Dr. Haney has been a tremendous asset to Caldera Medical as a trusted member of our Board of Directors. Fred has the skill to analyze a situation quickly and provide insightful recommendations.

Bryon Merade, CEO Caldera Medical


Fred brings a rare combination of humility, intelligence and experience to every team he supports. I’ve worked with Fred on our board at Rainbow Technologies, as a co-investor and as an advisor to our fund at SpringBank TechVentures, and in all capacities his approach contributed directly to a respectful culture of excellence.

Shawn Abbott


Fred Haney has been an invaluable asset in the development of a business to exploit and promote the utilization of a potentially life-saving technology.  PulSentry, Inc. was incorporated under his guidance to formulate a description of the technology, develop patent protection, and acquire funding for the detection of pulsus paradoxus and cardiac tamponade, a related, often fatal, condition. The detection of pulsus paradoxus with automated online monitoring provides an opportunity to save lives.  Fred’s contribution to the PulSentry project has been invaluable.  His vast knowledge of business and his many contacts have greatly enhanced our potential for funding and a successful outcome.

John Michael Criley MD MACP FACC FAHA
Professor Emeritus of Medicine and Radiological Sciences
The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA


Dr. Haney’s work with SCLERA, LLC in developing novel strategies and preparing cogent summary materials for potential buyers is highly useful.
His extensive knowledge in both business and finance, within the framework of scientific patents and discoveries, communicates informative aspects of SCLERA to buyers.

Corinne Wong, CEO of SCLERA

I met Fred in 2010 and learned of his experience with start-up companies.  What I did not know was the depth and breadth of his business and venture capital activities.   In conjunction with a prominent cardiologist, J. Michael Criley, I have several patents related to automated screening of a commonly missed cardiac condition that occurs in the hospital and intensive care unit setting.  With Fred’s guidance, we formed PulSentry, Inc. to develop and commercialize the intellectual property.   Fred’s ability to direct and re-direct has brought to fruition an additional patent in partnership with UC Riverside Engineering Dept.  Recently, with Fred’s guidance, we gained access to a huge information base (derived from 60 million California hospitalizations with procedure codes) that will provide immediate demographic publication.

Gregory R. Mason, MD
Clinical Professor of Medicine
David Geffen UCLA School of Medicine
President, PulSentry