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Recent Clients

  • Caldera Medical.  Appliances for female gynecology.  Pelvic floor and incontinence web.
  • PulSentry.  System for early detection of Pulsus Paradoxus and Cardiac Tamponade.
  • LiveSafe (Formerly CrimePush).  Mobile app for sending voice, text, video, images to law enforcement agencies.
  • Sclera.  Eye implant for distribution of drugs to treat AMD and diabetic retinopathy.
  • Synthasurf.  Artificial lung surfactant.
  • Parcel Pending.  Package delivery system for apartment complexes.
  • Thermark.  Chemical process for “stamping” metal.  Angel Investment
  • DRC.  Reconfigurable computing co-processor board.  Acquired.
  • NovaDigm.  Vaccines for candida and staph (MRSA)