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Give Your Startup a Boost

The Venture Management Company (“VMC”) helps guide early-stage technology companies to success. It is the “harbor pilot” that leads a ship past the underwater rocks, shipwrecks, shoals, and shallow water that are fatal to so many startup companies. VMC works with companies that have extremely promising and proprietary business concepts. We help to develop and implement effective business, organizational, management and funding strategies. Our goal is to create companies that attract capital rather than pounding the pavement in search of it.


Ideas, Strategy, & Concept

Start up companies turn dreams into reality. The most successful ones start with a truly big, or disruptive, idea; a concept that will significantly change the way something is done. [ Read more ]



It’s rare that one individual combines both the entrepreneurial vision and the necessary management experience to build a successful company. [ Read More ]

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The best start up companies don’t raise capital; they attract it. They build such a compelling investment opportunity that investors actually seek them out. [ Read more ]